Common Questions

Helpful information about renting with Budget  
In Summary:  These frequently-asked questions have been assembled to help you understand Budget’s fast and friendly vehicle replacement rental process. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us.  
What's my first step in getting a replacement vehicle from my neighborhood Budget?
It's easy to reserve your replacement vehicle online! Provide your claim number and name of insurance company to book your reservation immediately.

As always, if you're already on the road, simply stop by your neighborhood Budget and we'll prepare your replacement rental request on the spot. Or if you're already at the repair shop, just give us a call. Budget makes it easy!

Since my car will be at the body shop being repaired, how can I pick up my rental car?


No need to worry about how you'll get your rental vehicle. Your neighborhood Budget locations will send an employee to drive you to the closest Budget center. We'll even take you home or to the repair shop after you return your rental vehicle.

Will I be able to rent a car that's similar in size and style to my own car?


Absolutely. Choose your Budget replacement vehicle from our line of current models that includes roomy Ford Explorers, luxurious Lincoln Town Cars, and sporty Ford Mustangs. Please review your specific coverage information with your insurance company so you understand how and to what extent you're covered for a replacement vehicle.

Will my insurance company cover the rental?

Contact your insurance company directly to find out if your policy provides for a rental car allowance in case of accident or upset. If someone else's insurance company is making the arrangements, you should ask their claims handler/adjuster if they'll provide you with a rental car.

How can Budget save me time and take the hassle out of replacement rentals?

As soon as you realize that your personal car has to go into the shop, reserve your replacement vehicle on We'll need your name and contact information, insurance company name, claim number, number of days authorized, adjuster's name and phone number, agent name and phone number, and body shop/repair facility and phone number.

Next, at participating Budget locations, we'll arrange for you to be picked up and driven to our local rental facility. For pick up, just phone the location directly at the number provided on your reservation confirmation.

Then we'll call your adjuster for rental authorization and to verify all the information you gave us. Budget will then contact the body shop a day before the rental authorization expires to check the status of your repair. If a rental extension is necessary, Budget will call the adjuster to request authorization - and we'll also contact the body shop a day before the extension rental authorization expires to check the status of your repair. Once you tell us that your personal car is ready for pickup, we'll arrange for your rental car to be returned. What could be easier?

How does the billing work?

Budget will directly bill the insurance company for all or the portion of the rental they have agreed to pay. Since there are many types of policies and coverage, be sure to ask your claims handler/adjuster to confirm the maximum daily amount and the maximum total amount they will pay for car rental. The renter is responsible for any charges incurred above and beyond the maximum allowance approved by the insurance company.

How long can I keep the rental car?

Once you're in a Budget car, we'll stay in contact with your repair facility until your vehicle repairs are completed. We'll automatically contact the insurance company with updates and ask them to extend the rental until the repairs are done. You'll be contacted by Budget once we're notified by the insurance company that they'll no longer pay for the rental.

How can I get back to my car when I return my rental vehicle?

When you're ready to return your rental car to the Budget location, we'll give you a lift home, or drive you to the local repair shop to pick up your personal vehicle.